Members of NADE may participate in a certification program. In order to become certified, the candidate must:

  • Submit an application which includes specifics related to various aspects of the candidate's work as a document examiner.
  • Pass a proctored, written examination given at the annual conference.
  • Submit case files from a number of cases in which the candidate has testified as an expert witness in document examination.
  • Submit a complete work-up of an assigned case.
  • Pass an oral examination in the form of a mock trial based on a case that the applicant was assigned earlier in the certification process.

When the candidate has successfully completed these steps, the certification committee will recommend that the Board of Directors award the title of CDE. Approximately one-third of NADE's members are NADE Certified Document Examiners - recognized as such by the use of the letters "CDE" after their names.

NADE members who have been certified for ten years and who have contributed to the profession through journal publications and/or conference presentations, may apply for Diplomate status. 


NOTICE: Previously NADE-certified individuals who fail to maintain their membership are no longer NADE-certified. Only individuals in good standing, who have passed the certification process and who maintain their certification through the recertification process may claim to be NADE certified. If you have questions about the certification status of an individual, please contact either the Membership Chairman or the Certification Chairman.

     Services including

NADE members include private forensic handwriting or document examiners who may provide a variety of services:

  • Handwriting Identification
  • Deciphering Obliterations
  • Detecting Alterations
  • Restoring Faded Writing
  • Investigating Line Sequence
  • Development of Indented Writing
  • Ink Differentiation
  • Examinations and Reports
  • Document Photography
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Deposition and Court Testimony
  • Consultation