Membership Requirements & Benefits.

NADE is a private nonprofit organization open to qualified applicants who are interested or active in the field of Document Examination.


For an application and information about membership categories, contact Membership Chairperson, Membership Chairperson. You will be asked to provide background information about yourself and your interest in document examination, as well as references and an application fee.

NADE membership has many benefits:

  • Publications: Members receive the NADE Journal, a professional, peer-review journal.
  • Certification: NADE offers a certification program for qualified members.
  • Annual Conferences: These 3-4 day events are packed with valuable information for continuing education in the field of document examination. Held in pleasant surroundings, the conferences are highlighted by the renewal of friendships and professional contacts that make NADE an enjoyable and informative association.
  • NADE Library: Members may borrow books and articles on topics of interest to document examiners from the NADE library. For more information, you may view the listing of library resources, or contact the NADE Librarian, Joan Winkelman.
  • The NADE Forum: Members with online access are invited to join the NADE forum which is a members-only e-mail discussion group.
  • Members Only: The "Members Only" section of the NADE website is a place for members to share files.

     Services including

NADE members include private forensic handwriting or document examiners who may provide a variety of services:

  • Handwriting Identification
  • Deciphering Obliterations
  • Detecting Alterations
  • Investigating Line Sequence
  • Development of Indented Writing
  • Ink Differentiation
  • Examinations and Reports
  • Document Photography
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Deposition and Court Testimony