Membership Categories

Within NADE there are categories of membership.


Certified Members are individuals who have established background, ability, and experience in the field of document examination, and who have passed the application and testing process administered by the NADE Certification Committee.


Candidates for Certification are individuals who have passed the written test portion of the certification process, but have not yet taken the performance and/or oral testing portions of the certification process.


General Members are individuals who are working full time in the field of document examination, but who are not certified by NADE. This category is a transitional category as NADE has recently changed its levels of membership.


Associate Members are individuals who are document examiners, support the goals of the organization, and abide by the association's Code of Ethics. All document examiners join NADE as Associate Members.


Affiliates are individuals who wish to support NADE, as a student or in an otherwise affiliated capacity. Document examiners are not eligible for Affiliate status.


     Member Lists

Only those members requesting to be listed are included in these Member Lists. For information about document examiners in your area, or to verify the membership of an individual, contact NADE President, Susan Abbey, CDE

Certified Document Examiners

Candidates for Certification

General Members

Associate Members