The Journal of The National Association of Document Examiners


NADE members receive The Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners. The journal publishes articles covering technical and legal issues in document examination, case studies, abstracts and research papers. Articles are written by both members and non-members and are reviewed by the editorial board. The current Editor-in-Chief of the NADE Journal is Reed Hayes. Please contact him for information on purchasing back issues of the journal or submitting articles for upcoming issues.

     Services including

NADE members include private forensic handwriting or document examiners who may provide a variety of services:

  • Handwriting Identification
  • Deciphering Obliterations
  • Detecting Alterations
  • Investigating Line Sequence
  • Development of Indented Writing
  • Ink Differentiation
  • Examinations and Reports
  • Document Photography
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Deposition and Court Testimony

     Ask NADE experts

Ask NADE experts